What sets KTS apart is our persistent push for perfection. KTS systems (1) aid in trouble-shooting; (2) all of our metal chambers are anodized for more durability than others in the market; (3) our Plasma Systems replace acid to etch, clean, or wash which results in environmental benefits; and (4) they produce low reflected power that drastically improves efficiency.

ICP Plasma Etch System

Under development is a new load-locked high density ICP plasma etch system for research and pre-production processes. It has a small footprint, accurate computer controls, and a simple and intuitive touchscreen interface.

Touch Screen Display

This KTS Touchscreen Display is found on our new plasma system. It shows three charts over time – the first two are of RF Generators and the power delivered to the chamber. The last line is the pressure within the chamber.

Plasma System for Production of Nanoparticles

Under development is a new plasma system that would employ a high density plasma source as the reaction initiator, designed specifically for the production of consistently controlled nanosilver powder and particles.