Plasma treatment is a process by which the surface of a material such as a semiconductor disk or a contact lens is modified in some way through the actions of the dissociated molecular components of a gas. It increases webability, improves lubricity, enhances bonding and adhesion strength, and enables deposition of bio-compatible materials. KTS has sold our “custom engineered” plasma systems globally. Our excellent customer service, our technical/ process assistance, our durable equipment, and our sales reps are the reasons for this outstanding outreach. We are proud of our work, and therefore warranty all our new plasma systems from parts or labor defects.

 The OptiGlow ACE has an anodized aluminum chamber and is used for failure analysis, removing photoresist, cleaning organics, etching Parylene, surface treatment and other applications. RIE or Plasma processing using O2, Ar or CF4.

The AutoGlow 200 plasma system has a anodized aluminum chamber with a variable 10-300 watt 13.56 MHz solid state generator. Performs both plasma and RIE applications. Can process 200mm wafers or 8” substrates using O2, Ar or CF4 chemistry. Optional 600 watt generator.

The AutoGlow plasma system has a quartz chamber and a variable 10-300 watt 13.56 MHz solid state generator. The system provides very efficient plasma for lab and production applications with automatic tuning. Adjust power in one watt increments. For use with O2, Ar or N2 gas.