Automated RF Testing and Analysis for Plasma Manufacturing Processes, R&D and Engineering


  • Robust Linux OS with User Friendly GUI
  • Multiple Custom Configurable Programmable Test Profiles
  • Two Versions Available Operating at ISM Frequencies of 13.56 and 27.12 MHz
  • 5 K Watt Capable
  • Implements Industry Standard Test Equipment
  • Ideal for Engineering / R&D and Production Process


  • Stable OS and Application Software Assures Reliable Consistent Test Results
  • Easily Configurable for Multiple Applications
  • Maintains Detailed Records of Tested Devices for Historical Tracking
  • Generates Smith Charts for Visual Display of Test Results
  • Easy to Use By Non-Technical Personnel

The KTS mobile CounterMatch is a fully integrated and programmable system that will dramatically improve repeatable accurate tests results of 13.56 or 27.12 MHz RF-Match Systems used for Plasma processes. It will operate in real production time, while logging the data, providing a Smith Chart display of results, and archiving the data for historical record keeping. It is ideal for production testing, in process quality control, and engineering – ensuring peak production output at all times. Adapters for popular manufacturer’s matches are available.

Testing, analyzing or repairing 13.56 and 27.12 MHz RF matches for Plasma Systems can be a time-consuming exercise in futility that can provide inaccurate and inconsistent data leaving the technician or engineer with little or no substantive information to work with. To date no fully integrated programmable system or test software has commercially existed that alleviates this problem.

KTS has addressed this issue with the introduction of the CounterMatch Test and Analysis System. This fully integrated and programmable system is the outgrowth of our own internal production standards testing that we have evolved and developed over years of hands on engineering and manufacturing experience. KTS is now offering this time tested and proven solution to market for other companies, organizations and educational entities who desire to tighten their standards and dramatically improve repeatable accurate test results of 13.56 or 27.12 MHz RF Match Systems used for Plasma processes. Adapters for popular manufacturer’s matches are available. Typical models: Seren AT 140 and AMAT Phase IV CVD matches. Others adapters can be provided upon request at time of order. Please consult factory for specifics.