An Indium Phosphide Manufacturing Process

Semiconductor Manufacturing

“Sputtering (sputter coating) means a dusting of material from a solid by energetic ion bombardment with energetic ions to coat a substrate with the dusted material.”(

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is also known as the magnetron sputtering process. Often used for processing semiconductor wafers, it is a stable vacuum coating process. To a large extent, properties of the layer can be determined by varying coating parameters. Sputter process technology has gained a high technical level using advance plasma systems and can also be used as a manufacturing process for mass production. Advantages of this process include:

  • High homogeneity and purity of deposited layer
  • High coating adhesion
  • Independent orientation of coating source
  • Environmentally friendly processing
  • Flexibility of processing methods
  • Flexibility of materials for coating
  • Controlled layer deposition