Depackaging and Etching

We are proud to say that we have some of the most efficient plasma etching systems in the industry. To achieve a uniform etching process, there are several vital requirements: electron temperature, control of the ion density, and plasma potential. Our systems will expertly perform: plasma polymerization, plasma ashing, desmearing, descumming, surface treatment, and controlled depackaging – while lessening plasma damage.

Customer Comments

“Well the system is installed (AutoGlow Plasma), and I just finished the 2nd test run. The 1st run etched all the way through so no data could be had, and I’m having a Holy Crap moment (the good kind)! Using CF4 and O2 as my gasses, I placed a wafer with 10.5k of thermal Oxide in the cage @ 1.5 torr with 200 watts. In 10 minutes this etched @ ~500 Angstroms per minute. Of course this is early data, never the less, this is outstanding! I never expected to see an etch rate like this for thermal oxide.”

Brent Shepard | Microsemi