Custom Design

Wireless sensor system,

designed to meet current

regulatory standards.


Updating Design

Tube control amplifier,

designed to maintain

compatibility with other systems.

RF Services Style Match Controllers

KTS Homepage

KTS, as it is today, results from Ken’s 9 years experience in military and high end commercial electronics,

much of it working for an R&D division of M/A-COM. The vagaries of the economy of the time caused him

to abandon corporate life and create an engineeringtalent pool to hire out the best engineering talent to

companies for a fee, supplying the engineers on a contract basis to do design work, develop project

goals and submit proposals. This model worked well during the semiconductor buildup prior to Y2K

and then the dot-com bubble burst and semi went in the tank, never to recover to those levels again.



Hearing the myriad complaints of customer dissatisfaction resulting from the harsh treatment dished out

by the major R.F. Suppliers led us to the realization that there was a very large opening in the RF world

for a results driven supplier of RF Generators and matching components.Given this niche, we put our

engineering talents to work developing our own product line. We now spend most of our earnings on new

product development and continuous customer driven product improvement.



While we still continue provide contract manufacture of various products for others, our focus is on

creating RF products for your company that are affordable, reliable and continue to offer the best service

in the industry.



Let us demonstrate our capabilities for your requirements! Contact us today.